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New Energy™ Systems Advances in 2022

Advancing from its transformative 50-megawatt GreenER™ Hydrogen production and storage designs in 2021, New Energy Development Company LLC has introduced two additional breakthroughs in early 2022.

  1. New GreenER™ LNG & Hydrogen Storage System.  Under US Patent AP 17323622, this deployed design saves operation & maintenance costs, cuts up to 20% in capital costs, and reduces required layout for LNG & hydrogen expansion by reducing required exclusion zones surrounding each site.

  2. New Integrated GreenER™ LNG & Hydrogen Production Design.  New Energy™ is utilizing its innovative multi-commodity production and storage facility on two planned grid-scale project sites with target carbon dioxide (CO2) savings of 221,520 tons each site over the life of the plants.

Sustainable GreenER™ Hydrogen (Registered) Production and Storage System.  The New Energy Development Company LLC (New Energy™) patent-pending carbon-neutral, modular, pre-engineered and manufactured cryogenic storage and delivery system incorporates a carbon-neutral pressure build & boil off handling system capable of saving up to 20% in capital and operations & maintenance (O&M) costs. 

Remarks Thomas Quine, New Energy™ Technical Partner, “Our energy-saving system allows for more cryogenic storage on existing and greenfield sites. The storage system utilizes a double-wall cryogenic flow system which allows for safe and cost-effective storage, but also minimizes regulatory exclusion zones, saving money for our clients, offtakers, and investors.”

This engineering break-through is currently being installed on the New Energy™ project with the Greenville Utilities Commission, Greenville, North Carolina, and will be implemented on its other projects to be announced.
















Integrated GreenER™ LNG and Hydrogen Production & Storage Design.  New Energy™ has combined GreenER™ LNG & Hydrogen production & storage plants into an integrated energy hub.  New Energy™ is currently developing this high-efficiency configuration at two of its planned sites using a 2-phased approach.

Scott Shields, New Energy™ Partner, said, “This phased project design pinpoints client and investor energy requirements by solving for current and future sustainability needs.  When integrating with on-site photovoltaic solar panels and proprietary design methodologies, New Energy™ expects these plants to be the most advanced energy hubs in North America.”


















Leveraging from its pre-engineered designs introduced in 2020 and 2021, New Energy™ is developing two U.S. projects combining LNG and hydrogen production and storage for local distribution, pipeline, and power plant blending with the goal of saving over 7,384 tons per year of carbon dioxide emissions[1] or 221,529 tons over the life of each hydrogen plant.

The GreenER™ production and storage facilities will be capable of producing 200,000 MMBtu and 23,760 kg per day sustainable LNG and green hydrogen and reside on as little as 17 acres of land each. The projects’ solar panels are sized to provide approximately 11 MW of power for electric drive liquefaction on one site and up to 70 MW on another.

For more information

Scott Shields, Partner, New Energy Development Company 832-876-9903 or

Thomas Quine, Technical Partner, New Energy Development Company 478-208-1586 or



[1] Calculated on the GreenER™ Hydrogen 23,760 kgd plant and assumes displacement of only hydrogen for gasoline as estimated for energy emissions data purposes.

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